Just Investment Strategies Ltd comes into its own when investors reach those important financial crossroads in life such as retirement, early retirement or redundancy.  Each of these events requires a significant shift in financial outlook.  With a very high proportion of their clients aged over 50 and the vast majority of these drawing a pension, or pensions, they have significant experience in helping people at these particular times.

Just Investment Strategies Ltd aims to offer advice without strings.  In fact the first meeting, at a location of your convenience, usually at your home, when they will discuss your requirements and give an indication of what is possible, will be entirely free of charge.  You have their absolute guarantee that there will be no pressure and you will only incur a pre-determined known cost upon receipt of the detailed personalised report.  This written report will only be provided upon your request.


Matthew and Noel have offered straightforward fee based advice since 1989 and not just since the abolishment of initial advice commissions in January 2013.  They have recognised for a long time that fee based advice is the only way to ensure the impartiality of the advice.

The majority of Just Investment Strategies Ltd’s clients, who live all over mainland UK, come to them predominantly from personal recommendation but also via advice seminars.  However don’t let that stop you giving them a call if you would like to find out more about how they may be of help to you.  Please note that there is no minimum amount of capital required to benefit from the services of Just Investment Strategies Ltd.

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